About Bleyl Carpets

Utah’s Family Carpet Business Since 1930

The Bleyl family has been in the flooring business since early in the 20th century. Grandfather, Emil, became a flooring installer soon after he immigrated from Germany around 1900. He got his son Aaron into the business as an installer in the 1930’s. Aaron operated a flooring installation business starting in the 1940’s. Aaron’s sons, Ben and Rick, worked for their dad and became accomplished installers before age 20. Ben started in the 1950’s and Rick – 7 years younger – started in the 1960’s.


By the mid-1960’s, Aaron and Rick established a carpet and sheet vinyl store in sugarhouse. By 1968 the firm moved to the 21st East and 13th South area. Ben joined the firm in 1969. The business specialized in providing carpet and sheet vinyl in new homes dealing with a number of new-home builders. Over the years they also developed a clientele of customers by word-of mouth and walk-in sales.


Window treatments, ceramic tile, laminate and pre-finished hardwood were added to the product line in the early 1990’s as greater demand arose for these products, especially from the builders. Ross Capes joined the firm in 1990. Gregorio Maldonado came to us in 1998 and Van Barney joined the firm in 2001. We moved to our present location in 1994.


We still deal with home builders, condo developers, people with rental property, remodelers, people who buy – fix up – and flip houses and a variety of clients we have developed over the years.

Meet The Team

Bert Rada

Meet  Bert Rada, A salesman you can rely on. With respect to carpet there is one word that describes Bert –It is EXPERTISE. His expertise is based on three decades of work in the flooring industry.  He has had twenty years of being one of the best carpet installers in Utah.  As a result he knows how to provide you , the customer, with excellent  installation – clean, trouble free and on time. As a salesman  his bids are accurate because his measurements are exact  – meaning your floor will be covered with the precise yardage required to make a beautiful  installation at a competitive price. You will also benefit by  his answering any questions you have about your flooring needs, and helping you select a product that will suit your circumstances and within your budget. Contact Bert at 801-244-9875; email is bert@bleylcarpets.com.  Give him a try – you will be pleased with his service.

Ben Bleyl

Ben is Rick’s older brother.  He was also trained at a young age in flooring installation – mostly by his strict German immigrant grandfather. He has been in the business for over 40 years.  He is President of the company.  The buck stops with him.

Van Barney

Van is second generation in the flooring business.  Van’s father and his uncles have owned flooring stores in California and Idaho.  He was also trained by his father to be an installer.  He is an excellent installer of all types of flooring.  He has operated his own flooring installation firm installing all types of flooring in everything from single family units to large commercial jobs that took months to complete.  He supervises our installation crews as well as being a super knowledgeable salesman.  He is also a tall, handsome dude.

Ross Capes

Ross is our window treatment specialist.  He sells window coverings in everything from small residential jobs to large, multi-building commercial jobs.  He has managed a flooring store himself, and has been in the business for over 40 years.  Ross does all of our buying and selects most of the samples we show.

Gregorio Maldonado

Gregorio helps us by serving our Spanish-speaking customers.  He also is a highly qualified installer and can install anything we sell except window treatments.  He has been with Bleyl for over 12 years.  We encourage any potential Spanish-speaking customers to call him directly for an appointment so that he will be here when needed.  His cell phone is 801-635-5026.

Call us with any questions.   We are here to help: